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Things To Consider When Buying Tea for A Friend

If your friend is a tea lover, then purchasing it as a gift is a good idea. However, especially if your friend is someone who loves tea then this means that he or she knows their tea. Therefore, in order for the gift to be something that they enjoy you need to ensure that you are purchasing the kind of tea that they will enjoy.

What do they like?

As there are different flavoured teas you should find out what exactly your friend likes. For instance, flower teas are a good option if your friend likes a neutral taste as opposed to a tea which is too sweet or too bitter. Once you know the kind of taste your friend likes this will make the process of purchasing tea easier.

Old tea

In order to prevent yourself from purchasing old tea, checking the harvest date before you purchase it is a good idea. This will prevent you from buying old tea. If you are purchasing the tea only to give it to a friend a month or two later then checking the harvest date is a good idea to ensure that the tea will not be too old once you gift it.

The type of tea

It is not just the flavour you should look into but also the type of tea. For example, does your friend like green tea or plain tea? As there is a difference between the two types, finding out exactly what your friend likes is a good idea as this will ensure that you purchase the type of tea he or she will enjoy as opposed to a tea that they have to drink because they have no other choice.

You should also look into why you are purchasing the tea for a friend. For example, if there is a specific purpose such as drinking tea to calm nerves, drinking tea to sleep better or drinking tea to feel less bloated. If there is a specific reason as to why you want to purchase tea for your friend then doing your research on the different types of tea and its benefits is a good idea. It is also a good idea to ask a someone who knows about tea about which type of tea would best fit the requirement that you have.

The presentation

When gifting tea keep in mind that teas can come in different sizes. Therefore,before you gift it you should think about the kind of presentation that you want. For example, do you want the tea displayed in a tea bag? Or would you prefer for it to be in a container? Especially if you are packing the tea to take abroad then considering the space factor is important.

For example, if you buy huge containers of tea you may have to leave a container or two behind as you may not be able to make room for all the tea in the suitcase. Therefore, to ensure that there is enough room to carry the tea with you, thinking about the space factor when packing in the tea before you make your purchase is a good idea.