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Comfort Food to Liven You Up

We all need some comfort food now and again to raise our spirits and liven us up. There are many types of comfort food that you can rely on always to pick you up even when you are feeling at your lowest. That said, there are some food items that you can even quickly make at home if you have all the ingredients needed and the recipes as well. In fact, that could give you something to take your mind off whatever is bugging you too. Here are some amazing food items that have been tried and tested through time, and emerged as hands down winners for the fact that they do bring a smile to anybody’s face.

Homemade pizza

This one is a no brainer. Who doesn’t like pizza right? You can make this at home easily and if you are not too fussy about the base, you could just use some tortilla wraps as the base or even pita bread. Al you need to do is get creative with the toppings that you want to put on there.

Be sure to add that tangy tomato sauce as the base and then loads of mozzarella cheese on top so that you can bite into all that gooey goodness. No matter what you feel, this one will help you feel so much better. Besides, even if you are a vegetarian this will help you lift your spirits.

Sweet heaven

There are several types of sweet items that can really boost your mood. One of them is ice cream and we know that you can go through tubs of it if that is what it takes. Another really great sweet food item to cheer you up would be doughnuts with all the many amazing flavours that you can get them in.

The best part is that you can get these through a doughnut home delivery. This way you do not have to drag yourself outside when all you really want to do is snuggle under the blankets and watch reruns of your favourite show. Cakes, cheesecakes, churros and chocolate are also all mood enhancers and they will make you feel better.

Make a platter

Another way in which you can get creative with what you would like to have to lift your mood up would be to put together a platter with what you have at home. You can add a variety of things to this based on what you prefer and whether or not you are a vegetarian such as cheese, hams and other cold cuts, olives, jalapenos, flatbread, hummus, vegetable sticks, pickles, crackers, fruits, chocolate and more.

 The best part is that this will go very well with a glass of chilled wine that will have you feeling like you are in seventh heaven. Pampering yourself is always the best way to feel better immediately so don’t hold back on this one. Go through that kitchen and mix and match to your heart’s content.