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Tips To Throw The Best Parties

We are all aware that Melbourne is known for its vibrant and well-mannered people and how their parties never disappoint. If you’re reading this article it means you have a party to throw and you don’t want to be the one to break that record. Worry not, options are not extinct.

Don’t Forget To Plan Your Budget

Even at Melbourne, there is always a budget plan. People don’t just throw epic parties without having a limit on how much they can afford to spend, that is how they are able to throw a party the next time too. So, make an excel sheet or use a page of a notebook to sit down and plan your budget. Don’t set the bar so high that you’ll lose your house due to the mortgage, there is a fine line between spendable and scraping off.

Think About The Type Of Function

Is it mostly business related or is the majority of the people attending, have a business relationship with you, or are they family; or mainly friends, even children oriented. Each type of function needs a little unique attention to detail. First, decide which category your function falls under. when you’re done, think if you need a dress code or not. Mostly business-related functions require a dress code. Or is this something much bigger? An engagement party maybe? Then a dress code is essential. Then, move on to the next step.

The Venue

It is obvious that you do not want your home to be the venue. Maybe you want your party to be held in a beautiful and scenic location such as Croydon. It is not a tough task to find function room Croydon, you could search online, or ask around. Make sure the venue is close to the majority of the party before you make a reservation. Now, you can either head to the venue yourself and have a little chat with the Manager, look around, and see if it fits your function. Or you may choose to browse through and check reviews. If it is hard to come to a decision, asking a friend or a family member wouldn’t hurt.

The Food And Drinks

Let’s face it, we mostly attend functions to fill our bellies, but it is a waste if the meal served does not make our taste buds tingle. You could either decide on the cuisine you want to serve, such as Italian, and then browse for venues that serve the particular cuisine or you could go with the cuisine of the venue you selected, it’s entirely up to your preference. Again, the cuisine may also depend on the type of function; you cannot serve burgers on a business function or a family gathering, it has to be something a bit up-scale such as great steak or pasta. Make sure you check a few customer reviews or take a look at how many stars the restaurant gets.

Other Things To Consider

There are some other extra fun things to consider. Does the venue have a fireplace? or, is there an open bar? Also, check if it’s up for some decoration or adding your unique touch. On a more serious note, check if it is wheelchair accessible in case you have anyone attending your party on a wheelchair.

Finally, make sure to make your reservations early, you don’t the best venue stolen from right under your nose do you?