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Why Drink Spring Water Rather Than Ordinary Tap Water?

Drinking water is crucial but choosing the best kind of water to drink is also important. Amidst our busy schedule, we often forget to think about taking in proper kind of water for better health. Studies suggest that spring water is the best option to ensure safety and health for many reasons because of its purity and natural essence.

Rich With Minerals

Spring water is the purest form of water, as it is taken at the source. It contains no toxins and is suitable for every living being. It is also rich with natural minerals, which are quite important to human health. Those minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Drinking spring water is the best for you because it is raw and offers a better and more refreshing taste than other beverages such as tea, coffee or fizzy drinks.

No Chemicals

Spring water is taken from flowing water. Thus, it does not go through a purification process using chemicals like ordinary tap water. The chemicals used to purify tap water could be harmful to the human body. Given that an average person drinks about two liters of water every day, you may imagine how much chemicals they could take in per day with that water they drink.

Health Benefits

Drinking spring water can bring many health benefits to you. Mainly, it helps to improve the metabolic rate and digestive system and lead to weight control. Since spring water is quite pure and free of chemicals, it can improve one’s complexion and give them a better appearance. Some studies show that drinking spring water can reduce joint and muscle inflammation.

Natural Alkaline Water

Spring water is also natural alkaline water and it helps to improve the functioning of a person’s body finally directing to both physical and mental health. You should be careful not to choose artificial alkaline water, which is actually made from tap water, as its properties cannot be matched to those of spring water which is considered to be natural alkaline water. You need to make sure that you buy authentic spring water. And in Australia, you can this get it from Woolworths.


Natural spring water is the best way to cleanse your body and replenish it, and you do not have to worry about taking in contaminated water. If you carry a bottle of natural spring water when you travel, you may not have to be anxious about getting infected by diseases associated with water such as diarrhea. If you are a parent you can give natural spring water with your infant or child.

Even though you may have sometimes pondered over the quality of water you drink, you may have never really thought about the necessity to stick to natural spring water as opposed to the tap water you drink every day. Since natural spring water is available in the market for you to buy in bottles, do not hesitate to make a healthy choice of water and gain a healthy life.