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How To Treat Your Coworkers When You Start A New Job

So, you have just received your letter of confirmation regarding your permanent position at the organization you work for. Not only is your job now permanent but also the friends you’ve made during your period as a trainee.

It is a universally known fact that getting a job means that these hungry creatures lurk for you in the dark right after you get off work and feeding them is an absolute essential. Oh food, the answer to everything.

But taking your coworkers for a home cooked meal is never practical on your first day of permanence especially if you have questionable cooking skills! Additionally, your trainee period will not have provided you with a salary that got past your daily living expenses, and if you live with your family, or have to take care of one, your wallet is probably not at its strongest at the moment.

Feeding your coworkers, a meal doesn’t have to make you break a sweat and you can stop browsing the map for the fire exit for a quick escape (unless you are too friendly and is friends with the whole office- run for it).

Here is the “where?” and the “what?” that is going to solve your issue at hand:

Where Can You Take Your Coworkers?

For a good restaurant in Victoria, Melbourne is the best option. Not only does it have beautiful rivers but it is also the proud home to many restaurants and bars. This might be quite questionable to you. Wasn’t this article supposed be guiding you towards the lower end of the budget scale? Yes, it is because I am not talking about the main areas in the city where all the high-end restaurants boast their extravagance. I am referring to cities in the suburbs of this bustling city that harbor plenty of restaurants to suit your needs.

How To Find The Best Location

The internet has obviously gained dominance over the most useful tools out there. A little online browsing would provide you with a myriad of options such as a budget-friendly restaurant in Croydon, for example. Try looking particularly for places with commendable customer satisfaction by reading reviews posted by customers on sites that bring all the restaurant chains together for our convenience.

The “What”

With the dense population of fast food chains all around Australia, microwaved rip-offs of original recipes feed the guts of most of us that we have come to forget what real high quality freshly made, nutritional meals taste like. Therefore, surprise your coworkers with something new and freshly made, to nourish their taste buds. They will definitely start to see what they have been missing out on, making you their instant hero.

As far as authenticity goes, my best suggestion would be an Italian meal, it is not only delicious and hearty, it is very presentable. We are all aware how amazing pasta makes us feel. Your coworkers will never forget this one.

Well then, I suggest getting to browsing for your holy grail before your coworkers suggest a place FOR you!