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What Are The Most Common Pests Restaurant Owners Have To Know?

Any restaurant features delicious food that can attract pests. Any pest problem can destroy the restaurant as the reputation problems that appear afterwards are very hard to deal with. In addition, restaurant properties present different things that numerous pests love, like doors that are frequently open, moisture, foot traffic and food shipments coming. You always want to work with commercial pest control Perth services in order to both keep the pests out and remove them as fast as possible if they appear.

Restaurants can attract numerous pests, but the following are those that are most commonly seen.


Whenever thinking about pests, cockroaches rank high as the most hated. They are also the most feared by restaurants since they are known to carry bacteria. Allergy symptoms and allergens are triggered. Also, they look really creepy as they quickly move through dark corners, crevices and cracks. Employees and customers alike are often left revolted by this.

The big problem with cockroaches is that a huge infestation can appear faster than expected. Oftentimes these bugs enter restaurants through deliveries and shipments.


Rodents are unsettling and unsightly but the big problem is that they can easily damage structures, equipment, products and packaging. Such damage appears from the unsanitary droppings left behind and from gnawing.

Rodents often enter buildings through small holes and cracks or even through doorways. Their breeding, feeding and gnawing can pose serious safety and health threats for a restaurant.


It is really easy for flies to get into a restaurant through windows, open doors, cracks and numerous other openings. These insects are annoying, irritating and much tougher to control than what many think. Based on type, some even bite. In a restaurant setting the flies thrive and quickly increase in population, especially during summers. Fly control measures are mandatory for most restaurants.

Stinging Pests

Stinging pests are a problem when restaurants have outdoor waiting or dining areas. Customers will be frightened so the visit will become unpleasant. Also, all insect stings are painful. Some can even trigger serious allergic reactions. The big culprit is usually the wasp as it can repeatedly sting. However, all stinging pests should be considered. They have to be controlled, which is not that easy to do.


Problems can be posed by many different ant types. It is important to identify the ant before a proper treatment is chosen. There are ant species that can easily be controlled with proper use of baits. Other ants will require specific strategies that are more complex. In most cases it is important to trace the ant colony in order to employ proper removal. Ant infestations are always frustrating and you cannot really get rid of them without the help of a professional.

Stored Product Pests

Last but not least, restaurant storage areas attract numerous pests like beetles, weevils and moths. Although you never had a problem in the past, the next food shipment might bring in these stored product pests. They quickly bread and can cause widespread infestations.