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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Party

Be it a birthday party, anniversary, promotion, graduation or any other occasion, the one thing that can double the excitement of the celebration is an epic party. You don’t need a reason to throw one, it could just be one of those days where you miss your friends and decide to invite them all for a fun evening at your place and turn it into a super fun party. However, if you are planning a party, then there will be a number of mistakes that you might end up making. Here are a few that you must avoid at all costs.

Ordering Less than What Is Required

This is one of the most common mistakes that people tend to make when planning a party. Do not underestimate the eating and drinking capacity of your guests and do not make the mistake of miscalculating the number of guests and ordering a lesser amount. Some guests may bring their children or allow a friend to tag along too, so always be prepared for such scenarios and order more food than what would be required. It would be recommended to keep some extra food in the kitchen and bring it out to the table only when it’s required so that you don’t have to face the embarrassment if the food appears to be insufficient.

Choosing the Wrong Venue

How often does it happen that you get invited to a party which is hosted at a venue that completely contradicts the theme of the event? For example, you cannot host a classy floral-themed bridal shower at the most crowded club in town. Therefore, make sure you choose the venue based on the theme and the crowd that will be invited to the event. If you are hosting a birthday bash with all your close friends and family, you could reserve private dining rooms that several restaurants in town have on offer. This way, you can ensure that all your guests can be accommodated while making sure they enjoy a good meal too.

Lack of Entertainment

Let’s face it! There are two reasons why people attend a party. The first is good food and the second is a fun evening with good music and dancing. So, make sure you cover all these bases if you wish to see your guests enjoying themselves. Hire a DJ or create a music playlist to play throughout the evening and make sure you arrange an area for the dance floor too. Apart from this, you could also incorporate some games that match the theme of the party in order to break the ice and get the guests to interact with each other.

Any excuse is a good excuse to throw a party. Just got a new job? Time to party. Just got engaged? Why not double the celebration with a party? Just adopted a dog? Time to throw a pet party with all your friend’s pets being invited too. Whatever party you decide to throw, just make sure you avoid making these mistakes.