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Handy Tricks for Wine Shopping

Just like when shopping for a phone or car, for instance, wine too needs some scrutiny and knowledge beforehand. Not that you need to know the subject extensively when shopping for it, but it certainly helps to be aware. To make things somewhat easier for next time, here are a few easy-to-remember wine shopping tricks. Impress friends or co-workers at your next event by upping your wine trivia, and perhaps even selecting the wine for your next office function or group gathering. Good wine always leads to memorable occasions, so make yours one to remember for life!

Take Pictures Along With You

Not if you or your dog, but the wines you like of course. Not everybody knows to distinguish between the various regions, nor describe the taste of the wine as detailed as an experienced wine connoisseur might, so one of the easiest and most convenient ways to show what you want is to take a picture. Make sure you take one of both the front and back of the wine bottle, so you not only have its name, but also its label where all the little details are. That way, you need not sink into a blind panic when trying to recall the characteristics off the top of your head.


It really depends on the event concerned. For instance, if you are responsible for handling the wine for a corporate function that is very important, you do not want to mess it up by introducing something new that nobody is used to. Whilst they may appreciate the effort, there is no guarantee of this being a success. However, if on the other hand, you are buying stocks for a night out /in with friends, feel free to try something new. The best way to expand your knowledge on wine is to try as many different kinds as possible. Even if you choose to opt to buy from a wine online store, look for their recommendations and give it a go.

Read Up

When you have time to spare or think you might be ‘bored’, use it to read up on where the wine comes from. In other words, look up the different regions in the world that produce wine, and what makes these wines different to each other. Whilst there are many areas worldwide, look for the main parts like France, Chile, Australia and Italy to name a few. The wines you come across on a daily basis tend to come from these countries for the most part, so it helps to be educated on all these countries, and how wine changes depending on the country’s traits.

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Take a Friend

Obviously, someone who loves and knows wine. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to head to a wine store and be surrounded by so many different options, so having someone by your side can be a relief. Especially when the salespeople begin to speak their wine terminology, which will most likely send you into spirals of confusion, and ultimately despair as you are no closer to making your decision. With someone supporting you, it is easier to bounces off each other and makes a more informed decision.